Music always played an important role in Gianni Don Carlo’s life. This young Dutch deejay started in 2015 with producing and he’s already a master behind the Pioneer CD players; he brings the crowd in a stunning atmosphere and makes the event to a success. At this moment he is the fastest upcoming Techno and Deep House deejay in The Netherlands, Spain, Ibiza, Germany and Italy.

As a starting producer he is one of the most talented in the Techno house scene, his productions are supported by many of the best deejay s worldwide.

Gianni Don Carlo’s main goal is to entertain as many people as possible with his energetic Techno and Deep House sound.

Every weekend he is doing gigs in The Netherlands and internationally in; Spain, Ibiza, Germany, and Italy. For this summer 2016 Gianni Don Carlo can be seen and listen in, the Netherlands, Spain, Ibiza, Germany, Italy and probably in Gibraltar too.

As an artist and starting producer, he makes music that rocks the coolest clubs, festivals and jet sets.

This very young man has all what it takes to reach the top. The future is looking very bright for Gianni Don Carlo thanks to his creativity, rhythm and the energy he gives the crowd in the club scene but also his amazing releases nationally as well internationally.